Ethical Marketing: Why Does Your Brand Need to Gain a Conscience?

Whether it’s Starbucks(‘greener framework’ ),Nike (‘sustainable sneakers’), or your local grocery store’s efforts to cut down the plastic–everyone is pitching in to save the planet. These initiates indicate that ethical marketing is rapidly changing the way brands sell their products.

The primary reason for this is our eco-conscious consumers.These people demand a cleaner and greener environment. With this in mind,brands are developing a charitable, ethical, and sustainable brand strategy.

Anybody who fails to do that can bid success goodbye.

Here’s a closer look at the importance of ethical marketing:

1. The Driving Force

Do you remember how Rihanna changed the game with Fenty Beauty?

Her inclusive line of cosmetics took the cosmetic world by the storm. That’s because she managed to fill the gap in beauty products that others failed to perceive. Due to this ethical approach, she built a beauty empire that other celebrities couldn’t.

Similarly, you can pave the way for your brand by focusing on one environmental or social problem. Once you have figured what it is, you should think of ways to resolve the issue via your brand strategy.

For instance, the recent pandemic has led to a shortage of medical supplies. You could create a one-for-one campaign ala Toms to bridge the gap.

However, if you are looking for a more permanent environmental cause, then there are plenty of ideas out there. The most popular ones include biodegradable products, cruelty-free makeup, or reusable packaging.

Each initiative can help you score brownie points with the general public.

2.  The Common Ground

The key to successful branding is connecting with your customers. Many brands perceive this as a way to run short-lived campaigns and giveaway competitions. These efforts always bring out big numbers when the marketing campaign goes live.

However, the same followers retreat to their comfort zones after the hype dies down.

On the other hand, supporting a cause starts a never ending chain of goodwill. An effective, ethical marketing strategy includes sharing frequent updates about the progress of your pet project. That can lead to multiple email series, marketing videos, and social media threads to cover your ongoing campaign.

More importantly, the marketing content will decrease the divide between you and your consumers. That’s because those people will genuinely care for your branding story and the journey you’re taking together.

3. Free Publicity

Everyone knows the importance of a strong PR strategy. The only problem is that you have to pay publishers and journalists to feature your brand. If your business is new, then this might cost you a small fortune.

The great thing about ethical marketing is that it doesn’t cost you much. Your goodwill and generosity can create buzz on social media. If you’re lucky,then your story might make the headlines. Think of all the sound bites,interviews, and panel discussions you could feature in after that.  

In other words, your brand has the potential to be the next big thing with this brand strategy.

In a Nutshell

In the end, you can woo your target audience by developing ethical marketing strategies. The right cause can lead to good publicity, more engagement, and higher ROI. You also end up cultivating long-lasting connections with your consumers.

Are you ready for ethical marketing? You can count on us to align your marketing goals with an ethical brand story.  

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