Decoding Brand Logos: Meet Our Top Picks

Brand logos speak volumes.

What does yours say about you?

Brand logo designs might be small, but they can express a lot. It all depends on the thought and effort that businesses put behind their design. The more customized the logos are, the more power brands have to share their story.

The main idea is to think of a design that captures your brand essence. Then play with color schemes and font styles that enhance this message. To help you out, we’re going to shed light on three brands that you’re familiar with.

Here’s what their brand logo design means:

1. Google

Google logo design
Play with colors like Google

Millions of people around the world use this tech giant for browsing and networking purposes. Amidst all the chaos of your internet surfing, the six-lettered wordmark logo remains stoic and unmissable.

One of the key features of the Google logo is its simplicity. Instead of using a fancy script or quirky design, the brand opted for words. Then they chose a primary color scheme to make it stand out against a white background.

Plus, the simple design acts as a canvas for its infamous google doodles that pop up now and then.

Here are three lessons you can learn from it:

  • Keep things simple and minimalistic
  • Add color to invoke vibrancy
  • Leave room for improvement and creativity

These core branding strategies can help you create a universal logo. It is a type of brand logo that doesn’t need embellishments or over-the-top marketing ploys to be remembered.


 2. Nike

Close up of Nike shoes and logo
Be inspiring like Nike

Nike‘swoosh’ is symbolic in more than one way.

The Greek goddess of victory inspires the brand logo. Its namesake evoked feelings of success, power, and invincibility when people heard her name.

Suffice To say, the brand wanted its customers to feel the same way when they wore its products.

The swoosh is supposed to illustrate the wings of the goddess Nike. Yet, many people also consider it as a ‘tick’ mark.

We Can deduce this as a sign of affirmation. So that people might know that ‘yes,’they are on the right path. Or that they will be victorious after the effort they put during practice and in everyday life.

Here are three lessons you can learn from it:

  • Using metaphors and historical facts make things grander
  • Rely on symbols, not words to tell your story
  • Create a brand logo that could be interpreted in different ways

In other words, successful brand logo designs are simplistic and memorable.You should think about brand stories and historical facts that you can weave into yours. That way, you can make a better impact on others.  

3. Coca-Cola

Person holding a bottle of Coca Cola
Dare to be different like Coco Cola

Our final pick is the uber-cool Coca Cola.

What we love most about its brand logo design is the classy vibe is radiates.The brand achieves this by introducing a custom font for the wordmark logo. The Dainty script is a nice contrast to the bold red color in the background.

The color itself speaks volumes to portray what the brand means. It is an expression of energy, appetite, celebration, and joy. Also, in China, the color signifies good luck and prosperity. There is a possibility that the beverage company has the foresight to choose a color that would resonate with a diverse customer base.

Here are three lessons you can learn from it:

  • Fancy scripts and wacky fonts bring out your brand persona.
  • Use colors to symbolize emotions.
  • Consider choosing a statement color for more impact.

On the whole, the brand teaches you that there is no harm in experimentation. Selecting a custom logo could work in your favor. That’s Because it captures your brand in a way only you could imagine. You can also use colorology to create a significant impact on the onlooker.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the best brand logo designs are those that choose their details strategically. They piece symbolical features together to illustrate their brand persona. That way, their customers won’t only remember the brand.Rather they would understand the value system that supports it.

Want to create a custom brand logo? Our graphic designers and brand strategists are here to help you out. Contactus to consult with the brightest brand marketers in the business.

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