Creating Your Brand Logo

Think quickly and name your favorite retail brand.

Does it have a logo?

The odds are that you said, yes. That’s because every big brand and their small-scale competition has a custom brand logo. From product packaging, a printed ad, to digital marketing content, the brand logo is etched across everything they produce.

In other words, brand logo designs are a significant part of their identity. Without it, your brand would be faceless and unrecognizable.

Luckily, we know what you need to create a brand logo.

Here’s a hint:

1. Know Thyself and Your Audience

We didn’t want to go all Shakespeare on you, but it is true.

You can’t create a brand logo without taking an introspective journey. Mapping out your marketing goals and objectives help you paint a clearer picture of what the logo represents. Then you should use that information to research the market.

Here are a few things you should do:

  •  Look at competitors and their brand logo designs
  •  Consider illustrations and visuals that would work for your target audience
  • Think about the social perception of the designs you have in mind
  • Create a mood board to pin visual representations of your brand

In other words, delve deep into market and consumer insights before creating your brand logo.

2.  Unleash Your Imagination  

Did you know Nike was named after a Greek goddess?

The swoosh sign isn’t a tick. It is a wing.

That’s the ingenuity that your brand logo design needs.

You have the power to create a brand strategy that goes beyond basic boundaries. Consider your logo design as a blank canvas. Then fill it with colors and visuals that can attract your niche audience. You can do this through puns, symbolism, and quirky ideas.

The key is to come up with something that is never done before. It might seem impossible, but you achieve this branding goal with professional expertise and creativity.

3. The Devil in the Details

Once you have a concept in mind, it’s time for execution.It’s important to pay attention to all the details of your brand logo design.From colors, illustrations, typography to the shape of your logo–every element has a story to tell.

This is why you should figure out:

·       What type of logo will you choose? (e.g.wordmark, symbols, combination mark, etc.)

·       What font style is suitable for your brand?(e.g. fancy script, serif fonts or display font, etc.)

·       What color scheme will you choose? (e.g.monochromatic, multicolor, or black and white)

Whenever you answer each question, think of your brand values. If the color or font doesn’t match those values, then modify the design. The careful trial and error method will ensure that you have the perfect logo in the end.

The Final Step

In conclusion, your brand logo design is your identity. The best idea is to create a brand logo that clicks with your audience. That means building a custom logo that is clear, creative, and memorable.

Want a custom brand logo? We have roped in a talented team of designers to help you out. Just say the word, and we will start designing.

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