COVID-19 Marketing Tips: How to Retain Consumer Engagement?

What can a brand do when social distancing and lockdowns are the norms?

We’ve got one word for you–socialize.

Your always-on audience is crowding the social media scene in search of answers. Others are there to distract themselves from the chaotic reality of the pandemic. If you want your customers to know that you care, then don’t be afraid to go online.

We’ve rounded up some meaningful marketing tips and social media marketing strategies to help you out.

Let’s have a look:

1.  Lend a Hand or a Shoulder to Cry On

The first order of business is to reach out and help your consumers. The main purpose is to show them that you are still around to assist them. It’s important to acknowledge that we’re collectively suffering through a loss of real-life connections and regular routine.

Therefore, the best way to connect with customers is to support them through this transition. For instance, Netflix announced its mental health live sessions featuring your favorite stars. (We are totally on board with this plan!)

You can take a leaf out of their branding book and open lines of communication.

This could include:

  •  Starting a live chat to share valuable updates on the pandemic. Or light hearted conversations about how to spend days productively during self-isolation.
  •  Dedicate a few hours of the day to offer real-time customer support to your followers.
  • Think of ways of offering services virtually(e.g. consultation, life coaching lessons, workout regimes, etc.)
  • Start a share-a-book club with your community members so that they have something to do during their spare time.

The idea is to decrease the distance by revealing a vulnerable side to your brand persona.

2.  Build a Charitable Community

In recent years, ethical marketing has taken center stage in the marketing world. You can adopt a similar approach by turning seasonal sales and giveaways into charitable endeavors.

Social media marketing strategies like giveaways, cross-collaboration, and influencer marketing can come in handy here. For instance, customers could get discounts when they donate to anon-profit organization you’re affiliated with.

Other marketing tips include:

·       Creating a telethon to raise funds for organizations that are fighting against COVID-19.

·       Organize a sewing competition to make masks for essential workers. Then donate those supplies to local service providers and healthcare facilities. The winner could get an exclusive giveaway or a gift card.

·       Collaborate with other companies to raise funds for local healthcare workers. The collective effort would mean a larger customer base to ask for contributions.

In short, think of small steps that could have a positive impact on your community. That way, people will actively support your business.Plus, you get to help others through these transactions.

3.  Make Customers Feel Valued

Let’s get one thing straight–online shopping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

You might get new customers who have never shopped online before. Or others who get confused by all the steps to checkout from your e-commerce store. Things like this could turn them away from your business.

It’s why you should be proactive and patient throughout the customer journey.

Here are a few things that could work for you:

  • Create a hotline for customers who need support during online shopping.
  • Offer free deliveries and no contact pickups to clients who need it.  
  • Extend the dates for returns and exchanges to give them more flexibility.
  • Use your social media page to address queries and resolve issues

In other words, simplify your customer journey to support them during the crisis.

The Bottom Line

Long story short, nobody knows how long this pandemic is going to last. If you want to ensure that your customers are still hanging around, then you should be accessible too. Use our practical marketing tips and social media strategies to keep the conversation going.

That’s it.

Now keep calm and carry on!

Looking for an extra pair of hands to handle social media branding? We’re ready to help! Our brand strategists will show you how to turn things around for you during these testing times. Get in touch today.

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