Branding Strategies: What Can You Learn from Netflix?

Netflix is currently ruling the streaming industry due to its successful branding strategy. Time and time again, the company manages to strike a chord with its consumers. It also keeps making headlines with marketing stunts and viral social media content.

That’s because the brand understands that content can’t beking if there is no data to support it. To do this, it delves deep into algorithms and conversations to see what’s in and what’s out. Then it uses this information to produce unique marketing ideas.

Here’s a breakdown of its top branding strategies that make all this possible:

1. Think 3 Steps Ahead

Do you remember when Netflix launched its streaming platform?

To say that Netflix is the pioneer for streaming channels is an understatement. The brand launched the online service way back in 2007. This is remarkable because many people are under the impression that Netflix came into existence a decade ago.

The trajectory from a fairly known rental company to a household name shows that being ambitious is not a bad thing. You should planahead of your competition if you want to survive the rapidly changing industry.Plus, if you hit the jackpot like Netflix, then you could become a global sensation within a few years of our innovative venture.

2. Utilize Customer Insights

What are your top three choices on Netflix?

That is one of the first questions that pop up when you register on Netflix. It’s an important one, because from here onward, Netflix Uses the consumer’s choices to recommend new content. The personalized list and infinite options lead to unique customer experiences.

Moreover, the customization doesn’t end here. The brand strategically uses the collected data to create new content. For instance,after the popularity of Stranger Things, the streaming platform produced numerous other shows based on similar genres (e.g. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Haunting of Hill House). Additionally, its calculated moves lead to the revival of old-school rom-com (e.g. To All the Boys I Loved Before).

The moral of the story is that you don’t need a think tank to come up with new marketing ideas. You only need to decode what your customers want. Then use their feedback and opinion to develop data-driven branding strategies.

3. Socialize. Socialize. Socialize.

One of our favorite branding strategies is creating an engaging social marketing plan. Once again, Netflix scores high on brand persona and performance in this area. The company’s social media manager has found a way to infiltrate social media feeds with witty and engaging content.

Here are a few rules of their social media guidebook:

  • They update their headers and profile according to the most watched series/movies.
  • They mix things up by posting memes/polls and promotional content.
  • They never fail to reply with a witty comeback.
  • It always shares relevant content that aligns with current news.

Implementing these tactics will make it easier for you to bring followers into the limelight. So that instead of sharing sales pitches,you get to share meaningful content. Subsequently, this would generate more leads, conversions, and customer loyalty.

It’s a Wrap

Long story short, if you want to follow the footsteps of Netflix, then you need three branding strategies. You have to become a trendsetter, a consumer-centric brand,and you need to socialize. Otherwise, you will be another brand that is part of the cookie-cutter crowd.

We don’t want you to meet that fate.

So stop your guesswork and start branding strategically! If you meet any trouble along the way, thenour brand strategists are willing to lend a hand.

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